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Pros and Cons of Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

by Team Bolstr


As exciting as the digital age can be, for small business owners it can be frustrating and overwhelming. 20 years ago, a business needed only a physical location; now, at the very least, it needs a healthy social media presence and an attractive...


by Team Bolstr

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Bolstr has helped numerous small businesses accomplish their growth objectives, by accessing investment capital on our Marketplace. We wanted to bring three of their stories first hand to you...

Click the video above to watch how Vintage...

Maximizing Revenue by Managing Inventory

by Team Bolstr

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" always waste money on food that spoils..."

Owning a coffee shop that sells baked goods or a restaurant of any variety always offers the ever-present problem of managing your perishable goods inventory. Order too much, and you always...

5 Quick Facebook Tips for Small Businesses

by Team Bolstr

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Despite the fact that it didn’t even exist ten years ago, Facebook is now absolutely imperative for small businesses. It offers the chance for your business to expand your customer base, make a splash with promotions, and maintain constant...

5 Ways to Leverage Local Sports for Business

by Team Bolstr

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With both the NBA and NHL having playoffs right now, the nation is buzzing with excitement. For a small business, it provides an uncommon opportunity: nearly all your customers and potential customers are thinking about the same thing. Here are...